• "Dear Ms. Wickman,

    I wanted to thank you for initiating a wrongful death case for my mom back in 2006. The last time I saw you was at my deposition in April 2008 right before you were leaving the law firm who recently won a settlement for my dad. It has been a long few years and very difficult for us as a family to have gone through this but I feel some vindication for my mom dying a very sad painful unnecessary death. She liked you very much when she met you and always said you reminded her of her granddaughter (my daughter) Jessica and that you were very pretty and very sweet and that is why she wanted you to take the case. Again, I just wanted to thank you for all you did to advise us and guide us through some very difficult confusing times. Our family will always remember you and keep you in our prayers, we will be forever grateful for your help and support. We wish you much success in your new law firm and in your career."


    Lisa B.

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