Supreme Court

  1. Thomas Takes On Times v. Sullivan | What's Up With the DACA Cases? | Roberts Joins Liberal Wing (Again)

    Clarence Thomas, aligning with President Trump, wants to weaken U.S. libel protections. He's calling for the court to revisit the landmark ruling New York Times v. Sullivan. Plus: what's up with the DACA cases? Thanks for reading Supreme Court Brief!
  2. Argument Snapshot: Here Are the Advocate Lineups | Sotomayor: Gorsuch Is a 'Lovely Person' | 'Crisis of Credibility' at SCOTUS

    Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently had some glowing things to say about one of her newest colleagues, and scroll down for advocate lineups in some of the big upcoming cases. Thanks for reading Supreme Court Brief!
  3. Winter Recess Ends: What's Next | RBG Picks Kagan on Religion | 'Extremely' Tasty Traditions

    Our quick rundown on cases coming up for argument, and what's at stake. Plus: why Justice Ginsburg turns to Elena Kagan on matters of religion, and did you hear about the tasty tradition at the SG's office? Thanks for reading!
  4. 'Auer' Is Near | 'Anonymously Funded' Briefs Questioned | The Chief's ACA Dilemma

    The Supreme Court's big regulatory case is drumming up dozens of amicus briefs—here's a snapshot. Plus: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, the Rhode Island democrat, writes to Chief Justice Roberts over concerns about "anonymously funded" amicus briefs. Thanks for reading Supreme Court Brief!
  5. Appellate Bar Musical Chairs | Ethics Code Spotlight | Plus: SCOTUS Headlines

    Some takeaways about the big moves of Kannon Shanmugam to Paul Weiss and Lisa Blatt to Williams & Connolly. Plus: US House Democrats take their first look at creating an ethics code for the justices, and DOJ doesn't want to rush on extending the reach of "Janus." Thanks for reading!






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