Supreme Court Brief

  1. A Kennedy Concurrence Fuels Speculation on Chevron's Future—And His
    Justice Anthony Kennedy sharply criticized the Chevron doctrine, raising questions about the future of judicial deference to federal agencies, and adding to the buzz in Washington about whether he will stay or leave the court.
  2. In a Contest of Dictionaries, Justices Decide Meaning of 'Money'
    “Stock isn't money; stock is stock, intoned Justice Neil Gorsuch in his summary from the bench of his majority opinion in Wisconsin Central v. United States.
  3. Supreme Court's Internet Sales Tax Ruling Is Billion-Dollar Boon for States
    The U.S. Supreme Court says states are allowed to collect sales taxes from online retailers that don't have a have a physical presence in their borders. By a 5-4 vote in the case South Dakota v. Wayfair, the majority overturned the court's 1992 decision in Quill v. North Dakota, which had affirmed the “physical presence test for state sales-and-use tax collections.
  4. US Supreme Court Says SEC In-House Judges Are More Than 'Mere Employees'
    But the court does not address DOJ's request about the power of the president to fire officers of the United States. "No court has addressed that question, and we ordinarily await 'thorough lower court opinions to guide our analysis of the merits,'" Justice Kagan wrote.
  5. Two Big Ducks: What Are the Lessons? | Clement, the SG and Tweeting Judges | Plus: Rod's 1-0 at SCOTUS
    What to make of two cases—Masterpiece and Gill v. Whitford—that perhaps didn't live up to the hype? We asked around. Plus: Paul Clement takes on SG Noel Francisco over a federal judge's twitter account. And Rod Rosenstein's undefeated at SCOTUS. Thanks for reading—and subscribing to—Supreme Court Brief!






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